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About this Stolve emblem...

In Greek mythology, AGAPE ἀγάπη was considered the Higest Form and type of love. The letters chosen for this emblem based on Ancient Greek alphabet were `alpha` , `gamma`, `ro` and `ei` which stand for AGAPE.

This emblem was originally designed by the Stolve Team in 2019 and brought to life with the intention of recreating the past while living in a whole different era.

This emblem represents the "Higest type of love". It serves the purpose of showing or demonstrating pure love. It is meant to be towards a person’s willingness and of personal choice to often making sacrifices for their loved ones.

NOTE: The image shown on the left is exactly from the original stamps crafted in solid brass die. They will give a beautiful look of ancient times to your envelope in combination with whichever wax seal you choose.