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We Know How to Spread Love & Happiness

Our Premium Quality materials and envelopes combined with your personalized message for someone you care for is definitely going to make your loved ones feel special and happy. It can be best suited by various occasions like :

Love letters for him

Sending Love Letters

You don't need a specific reason to make your partner feel special with personalized wax sealed Love Letters.

Love Letters for her

Marriage Anniversary Wishes

The Wishes can't be more elegant, sweet and classic. Show Your Love to Your Life Partner.

~ Welcome to Stolve ~

The Six types of love
Send Cute Romantic Love Letters

Send Cute Romantic Love Letters to someone special!

Tailored Personalized Messages

The art of being able to express any type of emotion through letters is pretty much forgotten these days. People used to write love letters, letters of gratitude, appreciation and more and now there’s only emails and texts.

The Royal Touch

Royalty used Cute Romantic Love Letters with wax seals to keep confidentiality while communicating with others and a broken seal before it arrived to its final destination meant it had landed on the wrong hands. In a world full of hate and anger, STOLVE wants to bring back the ways of the past to the present. We want to make technology impersonal as it should be and people’s emotions and feeling as personal they can be.


A Beautiful Vintage-Inspired Wax Seal Collection

Stolve now offers options for even more occasions. Be it an anniversary, birthday, or just a desire to show gratitude stolve has you covered.

Happy Anniversary Wax Seal

Remind your lifelong partner of the love you have for each other with the special token. 

Happy Birthday Wax Seal

Congratulate with the help of stolve for making it through yet one more year and give best wishes. 

Thank Someone with Gratitude !

Show your gratitude with an emblematic letter that will never be forgotten. 




We have a special kind of unique elegant envelopes and wax seals which can be combined with various add ons for corporate gifting and invitations.


See How STOLVE Works


Register and select one of the six stolve categories. “Check the Stolve category section for more information on which to choose from.”


Once inside your stolve portal and after selecting a stolve category, you can pick the color of the envelope you like the most.


Get inspired and write your letter. You can add a wax seal to your envelope. Select between Stolve’s emblems or first initial of the recipient”

  • We ship it for you!

Stolve Initials and Unique Emblems

Click on the emblems and see how they were made!

EROS Emblem

LUDUS Emblem


AGAPE Emblem


MANIA Emblem

Letters and Envelopes Gallery

You can customize your envelopes to look any way you want to surprise others!

Stolve Categories

What Stolve category works for you? Check below!


Passionate Love

The romantic type of love. Do you identify the other person as your love partner? If you are in love with someone - use this category.
You can use this category for:

  • Romantic, for lovers
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Valentines day
  • Anniversary of first date
  • Engagement, the day you first met
  • Any important occassion for just the two of you!


Sport or Play. "The Love Game"

The playful love. You feel attraction towards each other, there's sexual pull involved, but you don't consider any long-term commitments yet. It might turn into something serious or it might not.
You can use this category for:

  • Casual sexual pull, games between lovers might be involved
  • Romance at work - No attachments
  • Romance at school - No attachments
  • No expectations of relationship but the attraction is remarkable
  • When you are okay giving yourself to someone else and you understand nothing will come out of it in the long run. It is just a game


Familial Love

The companion love. Show your appreciation for a friend or family member for their presence in your life. Use this category to show that you care about them.
You can use this category for:

  • Love between friends and family, appreciation for their presence
  • Letters of sympathy or gratitude towards family or friends
  • Mother's day
  • Father's day
  • Sibling's day
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas day
  • Thanksgiving day


The Highest Form of Love

The selfless, gift love. You might be giving love more than receiving. It's the highest form of love demonstrated in relationships concerning parents, children, friends or religion. Make someone feel cared for by using this category.
You can use this category for:

  • Letters of love concerning parents to their children, friends or given as a gift without need to get anything in return (No special dates required excluding religious events)
  • Letters to the homeless
  • Letters to someone who is not expecting it and probably needs it
  • Christenings
  • First Communions
  • For invitations or special occasions


Love that Endures

The love commitment. If sexuality is not what fuels your relationship but the life and family and everything you can build together. Unlike Eros, the sexual aspect is not what fuels the love but, rather the future they can both pave togethers. Use this category to how you appreciate everything you've built with your significant other.
You can use this category for:

  • Building life together is more important than sexuality
  • Motivation to your partner during tough times
  • Years of being together and accomplishing many goals "together"


Extreme and Crazy Love

The intense, emotional love. Passion and intensity in this type of love might be a step away from obsession. Is anyone you know going through a extreme situation like this? Use this category to show your support.
You can use this category for:

  • Intense, emotional love, might be associated with obsession
  • Warning: Only send this letter to show emotional support to someone going through an abussive relationship.

Pricing and Packages

  • Seal with initials
  • Up to 2500 characters
  • Ruby Envelopes ( Pick from 3 beautiful colored envelopes )
  • Ruby Wax Seals ( Choose from 3 preselected wax seals )
  • 2 shipping options
  • Seals with Initials or Emblems
  • Up to 3500 characters
  • Golden Envelopes ( Pick from 6 beautiful colored envelopes )
  • Golden Wax Seals ( Choose from 6 different wax seals )
  • 2 shipping options
  • Seals with Initials or Emblems
  • Up to 5000 characters
  • Diamond Envelopes ( Pick from 6 colored envelopes and 10 wax seals )
  • Add ribbons or ropes to envelopes
  • Free shipping


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Proud to announce that I am Stolves very first costumer!! Yay!! Heres my experience. I needed a special way to send a letter, I was blessed enough to come across this beautiful new product. When I say... stolve went above and beyond for me in making sure that the letter was exactly how I envisioned it to be I MEAN THAT. It turned out MAGNIFICENT!! I will without a doubt use this service again and again!! Thank you so much Sincerely a happy costumer TiffanieRead More